Trump a No Show in Chicago Riots Break Out


P1000437The City of Chicago has been historically been Democratic and a high Hispanic population.  So when Donald Trump decided to come to Chicago it was already a problem waiting to happen.  When you also, throw in the recent deaths of unarmed black teens by the police…. That’s a recipe for disaster.  Tension has really started to grow between Chicago Police Department and protesters.  To add fuel  to the fire, an innocent (African American) protester was punch by a Trump supporter in North Carolina.  Fights broke out hours before the Trump rally was scheduled to begin.  The Chicago Police told Donald Trump not to come to the UIC Pavilion.  His safety could not be guaranteed.

+++++++New update the Chicago Police department released a statement saying they never told Trump it wasn’t safe at the UIC Pavilion. (March-12-2016 at 1:31 PM CST)

Earlier in the day around 2pm we were able to get interviews with Trump supporters.  For the most part they were respectful.  After about 3 pm the street had to be separated between Trump supporters on the left of the street sidewalk and Trump protesters on the right of the street sidewalk.  There was suppose to be a peaceful protest in the parking lot across the street for the UIC Pavilion.  After about 30 minutes the Trump protesters completely took over the whole area.  By 5pm the Trump protesters were everywhere on both sides of the street, on the sidewalk and,  completely around the UIC Pavilion.

I’m not for Trump, but I do think that some things he says are correct.  It’s not what he says, it’s how he says it.  I think if Trump got media training it would be a plus for him.  The movement was real.  I wish Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders would take a page out of his book the way he debates.  I think these riots, showed that fact Trump can’t be President.  Imagine if Donald Trump became President and theses riots happened every time he went to a City and gave a speech.  To be honest it looked like a War Zone and I’ve never seen anything like that at a Campaign rally.

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