What did you think of the film?

Great movie 4.5 out of 5 stars. They kept the plot simple. They learn from the mistakes of the past Spider-Man movies. Almost Every grievance I had with the movie (like certain annoying characters) Were explained. The writers really tricked me the whole time I was  thinking why is this character doing this and the end of the film okay it all makes sense. Great writing! A very diverse cast like New York really is but it didn’t seemed force it felt natural.

Was Tom Holland better than Tobey Maguire?

Complicated question, as far as pure acting…. Tobey Maguire was the better actor but he was also older and had more films under his belt.  But Spider-Man Homecoming to me was a better film, than the 2003 Spider-Man.  It just felt like Spider-Man Homecoming had better writing, there was genius in its simplicity. But the acting side of it;  There was one scene in particular, where all of the special effects were  taken away Tom Holland, he was given the opportunity to just act. Unfortunately, it just came out cheesy and that was his Oscar opportunity.  Luckily that scene only lasted less than 3 minutes.  It’s funny because a year ago in my Captain America Civil War Review I thought the opposite.

Was Spider-Man homecoming better than Wonder Woman?

I think this is the best movie I’ve seen so far in 2017. ( keep in mind I haven’t seen Planet of the Apes or Black Panther yet ) Wonder Woman seemed too long, I was bored at points. Also, lot of the visual-effects in Wonder Woman were also disappointing.  As far as action movies go with was the best movie since Rouge One.

Was this the best Marvel origin movie?

The Spider-Man homecoming was the second-best Marvel origin story. I got to give Iron Man that number one slot.  As far as the first movies go but Iron Man 2 fell off a little bit so Spider-Man 2 has the opportunity to take that slot.   But  don’t forget about Captain America Winter Soldier was really good so Spider-Man 2 we have to be perfect.

Were the end credit scenes worth waiting for?

No! the first scene is tying up a loose end  some fan boys could have brought up, that really wasn’t important. The second end credit scene after you wait for all the credits like 10 minutes is a troll from Captain America so definitely don’t waste your time.

Should you see this movie in 3D?

The one thing that The 2012 Amazing Spider-Man got correct was the 3D. The actor was annoying the script was not as good as it could have been, but the 3D was spectacular.  Spiderman was literally flying out of the screen. Unfortunately Spider-Man homecoming was not shot in 3D.  It was converted to 3D which is much cheaper.  I spent the extra money on a 3D and I cannot justify it. I can’t recommend spending money on something that isn’t used in the film.

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