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Hostiles Movie Review  I would like to admit the fact that I’m bias.  I grew up watching Westerns with my grandfather.  He passed away a few years ago and every time I watch a Western movies, I compare it to the Classics I watched with my Grandfather.  You know the classics I’m talking about; The Good,

What did you think of the film? Great movie 4.5 out of 5 stars. They kept the plot simple. They learn from the mistakes of the past Spider-Man movies. Almost Every grievance I had with the movie (like certain annoying characters) Were explained. The writers really tricked me the whole time I was  thinking why

I usually end reviews with my official review, but in this case I think I should start with my review. I think baby driver was a good film.  It was a breath of fresh air, to have something different you’ve never seen before.  Brand new characters and a brand-new premise with a Boy Meets Girl

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So the wait is over Star Wars Rogue one finally is here. I give it a 4.6 out of 5. And I gotta say I’m happy that Disney keeping a franchise relevant. Two thumbs up Disney you’re doing it justice.  It started off kinda slow but then got kinda good than got really really really

Wedding and Prom Photography Essentials Its summertime which means its Graduation, Prom and Wedding Season. Here are a few essentials you need, that are easy to overlook. Most people have a checklist and they know what to bring, but here are a few things that will save you from getting burned.  First you’ll need plenty

Captain America Civil War Review The wait is over Captain America Civil War is in theaters on Fridays.  I was lucky enough to see it an advance screening of it. Captain America is one of those few franchises that get better with time.  The first Captain America was about a three out of five, the

Trump Documentary about Chicago Riots After being at the Trump rally for over 8 hours and seeing everything that led to the chaos, we’ve decided to turn our footage into a documentary.  At this event I was actually spit on by a trump supporter.  The supporter was  on top of a parking structure.  And I

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