Bill Clinton Campaigning for Hillary’s Presidency

Bill ClintonThe Indiana primary results for the Democratic party were; Donald Trump won the Republican vote with 53.3% of the vote and getting all 51 delegates.  Shortly after Ted Cruz suspended his campaign.  And now Donald Trump is Republican nominee. Bernie Sanders won on the Democratic side with 52.7% of the vote and 43 Delegates.  Hillary Clinton got 47.3% of the vote and 37 Delegates.  Hillary lost the state by less than 35,000 votes.  But, only needs 81 more delegates to get the Democratic nomination.  Hillary Clinton is so close to the Democratic nomination, but yet so far.

But, Hillary Clinton isn’t slowing down either.  The Clintons has been in a full media blitz, over the last couple of weeks.  Hillary Clinton went to the number-one Hip Hop radio morning show The Breakfast Club and did and interview. This past Saturday on April 30th, Bill Clinton came out to give a speech in Gary Indiana, in support of Hillary Clinton.  Bill Clinton talked about her consistency in her policies and even talked about the good financial times we had in the nineties.  Bill Clinton also said we are on the verge of having another economic boost, but we are not out of the woods yet.  For African Americans it’s actually good that Hillary hasn’t won a nomination, because if she did, she wouldn’t even be addressing some of the issues in the African American community.

Everyday that Hillary Clinton fights with Bernie Sanders, the Democratic party is becoming more and more divided and it’s hurting the Party. Some Bernie Sanders supporters are saying Bernie or nothing.  Meaning if Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the nomination then they refuse to vote at all.  And to not support the Democratic Party would indirectly help Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Realistically, I did not see how Bernie Sanders can win the Democratic nomination.  I think Bernie should do whatever he can to help support his party.

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