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  Urban Graphic Artists Create Web Comic We got to catch up with Jason Chatonda from Team X Visual.  Jason told us about a new Web Comic series that his studio has created called X-Key.  X-Key has been released as an online comic book.  After checking it out at HighOctaneRevolution.com I do have to admit it

Straight Outta Compton Review Straight out of Compton the story of NWA.  Let me start by saying this is a great film.  I went in with very low expectations.  Over the last few years I’ve seen a lot of made for TV movies about my favorite music artists like TLC.  But, this was a full-fledged

   Difference in Live and Studio Audio? Feedback We interviewed Michael Lanier from Clarity AV Pros.  We talked about what makes good audio; What’s the difference in live and Studio audio? They gave us a simple answer…Feedback.   You can’t have good audio when you have feedback.  What is feedback?  Feedback is that annoying hissing

CTVN Giving Low Income Kids Media Skills Community TV Network (CTVN), has been giving low income children and young adults, free media training for over 40 years.  If you want to learn videography, photography, post production, or audio scoring, CTVN gives free training to the community.  There’s so much negativity surrounding Chicago, it’s important to

How Soon Does a Start Up Need a Lawyer? WWDC media is starting the new video series called ask the experts.  Over the years, I’ve noticed that as I’m building Websites for clients sometimes they have general business questions.  I decided to interview Charles Pinkston an expert lawyer that’s been practicing law for over 30

Entourage The Movie Review After years of hearing about it, the Entourage movie finally happened.  Unlike most TV shows that became movies,  it was pretty good.  First of all, around of applause for Mark Wahlberg for making this movie happen.  There are a lot of TV programs I like, that I wish were made into

CBS Supergirl Pilot Review CBS is launching Supergirl in the Fall.  I got my hands on the pilot and here’s my review.  Instead of calling the character Jimmy Olsen they call him James.  They made James a cool black dude, and that’s really the only original thing in this show.  There was so many cliches

Anastasia SS15 Fashion Show Anastasia Chazka designer and creator of Anastasia Boutique, had a runway style fashion show called Anastasia SS2015.  Which was held at the Promontory in Hyde Park.  Anastasia Chazka designed all of the clothes at the event, locally in Chicago. The show was a showcase for Anastasia’s springtime/summer 2015 collection. Aside from

NFL Draft 2015 In Chicago   Chicago’s Grant Park is where the 2015 NFL Draft happened and it happened with style.  The entire park was transformed into Draft Town.  Hours before the actual NFL Draft happened there was plenty of festivities to do in Daft Town.  Everything from getting autographs signed from Hall-Of-Frame NFL players,

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